Simple approach for Learning C# 8.0 and Core 3.0

The book has been structured very beautifully taking you Step-By-Step from One Level to another. It Starts from following 1.Setting up the development environment 2.Know about the .NET 3. Basic concept of the all essential tools and syntax needed 4.Understanding GIT 5.Understanding Versions of of C# with grammar and Vocabulary 6.How to Debugging and creatingContinue reading “Simple approach for Learning C# 8.0 and Core 3.0”

Azure SQL-Hyperscale service tier

The Hyperscale service tier in Azure SQL Database is the newest service tier in the vCore-based purchasing model. This service tier is a highly scalable storage and compute performance tier that leverages the Azure architecture to scale out the storage and compute resources for an Azure SQL Database substantially beyond the limits available for theContinue reading “Azure SQL-Hyperscale service tier”


Hyperledger can be thaught of as a software which everyone can use to create one’s own personalised blockchain service. On the Hyperledger network,only parties directly affiliated with the deal are updated on the ledger and notified .Thus maintaining privacy and confidentiality. Roles Committer: Responsible to append validated transactions to their specific ledger Endorser: Responsible forContinue reading “HyperLedger”