Deep Learning A Subset

In the Present software Era we  are more focused on providing the meaning full information to the customers/Partners  based on the data they have gathered since the past decades.

The Data can be in the form anything say it’s a Raw data in excel or a structured data in Sql server/Oracle or any of the unstructured Databases. Over the decade the core sectors have sufficient data which can help them in  planning for the upcoming or say future market condition and they can plan for the  best and worst condition.

With the  Deep learning  the accuracy of the prediction has increased tremendously and sometime it exceeds human outcome as well. All the latest invention like Driverless cars Auto mode cars, Image recognizing form millions of images are achieved using deep learning .

With this saying we are in the Era of Prediction with perfection and Accuracy.

Bellow diagram show case the three layers or the sets which talks about the AI/ML/DL

Relationship diagram: AI vs. machine learning vs. deep learning


Deep learning work on the concepts of artificial neural networks. The Learning/Training process is deep  because of the structure of the artificial neural networks. This structure consists multiple layers of the   following

  1. Input
  2. Output
  3. Hidden layers

Every layers contains units that process the raw input data into processed meaningful information which is used by other layers for certain predictive tasks . This task helps the machine to learn through its own data processing.

More the layers are defined the accuracy is high  but while designing we need to be sure what the output we are looking for based on that the structure needs to be defined. Here we get the multiple outputs with different accuracy levels to choose from and the prediction improves with each process.

There are various use cases available to understand the deep learning below are some of the examples

  1. Object detection
  2. Image caption generation
  3. Machine translation
  4. Text analytics

With the Help of Deep Learning Models we can achieve whatever we can think of .

Let’s take an simple example of our day to day learning. We all use mobile phone and click pictures out of it. Then we do the editing of the picture wherein we get the option of picture like

  1. Filter
  2. Portrait light
  3. Beautify

This all are the done with the Deep learning where in the software understands the image and provide you the various options to use while editing the image.

Another example can be of Google lens we take a picture and post it and it finds the similar images and  details of it .

In short we can say we have gone deep into the Deep-Learning and everywhere we can see the use of it.

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