Robotic Process Automation-Illusion

After listening to the word RPA, the general Myth is that Robot are going to take the job of individuals. The same Myth was he there when the Computer industry wave came. but we have seen the reverse of it more people got job in the industry.

There is nothing to be afraid of as RPA is going to automate those reoccurring process that Human does. Which we call low end work but this will help people to skill up themselves so that they can get better job and good PayScale to spend their livelihood

RPA cannot replace human. It helps is doing the repetitive task. Just taking a general scenario of invoice verification.

Accountant receives the invoice for processing and the first step he does is to verify the correctness of invoice like

  1. Invoice No is present
  2. Date is valid
  3. Company name is properly written
  4. PO number is present
  5. Invoice Id is present

For a 1 invoice verification he would need couple of minutes and we see company receives 1000 invoices so if this is automated using RPA and he only receives the verified invoice so for him those time are saved and he can focus on another task.

similarly, there can be may examples of process automation in different industry.

so, in short, we should not take this as a job snatcher. It is helping us to boost up our skills to go to next level

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